Marvin thinks, therefore Marvin is.

Never before has it been so easy to learn so deeply. Marvin was born to be hacked, relying on few dependencies and basic C++. All code lives in two files (marvin.hpp and and all numbers take up two bytes (FP16). Win friends and influence people in four easy steps:

1. Find a home for Marvin

Marvin’s life depends on an NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 7.5 and cuDNN 5.1. See the README for more details on path wrangling.

2. Grab him from the cloud

curl -L | tar zx
mv PrincetonVision* marvin && cd marvin

3. Bring him to life


4. Teach him MNIST digits

  1. Prepare data: run examples/mnist/prepare_mnist.m in MATLAB
  2. Train a model: run examples/mnist/ in shell
  3. Visualize filters: run examples/mnist/demo_vis_filter.m in MATLAB